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10 Virtual Currency Market Tracking Sites as CoinMarketCap Alternatives

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10 Virtual Currency Market Tracking Sites as CoinMarketCap Alternatives

10 Virtual Currency Market Tracking Sites as CoinMarketCap Alternatives

CoinMarketCap is arguably the leading site for researching coin data for virtual currencies. CoinMarketCap grew in popularity when it officially became a member of the ecosystem of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, with deals to buy and sell for undisclosed amounts. Since then, however, CoinMarketCap has also revealed its weaknesses. Having a central data location in a decentralized ecosystem is something that is not fully compatible with each other. Especially after Binance took over CoinMarketCap. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to CoinMarketCap alternatives to explore further if you want to find a particular coin or exchange that interests you.



Onchainfx offers a wider range of metrics than any other website. Here you can view data such as the percentage of supply of the coin’s market cap, ROI, and price history. in particular also has a concept called Y2050 Marketcap. This is an estimate of the approximate value of the total cryptocurrency supply on January 1, 2050. For example, the total expected supply of Zcash (ZEC) on January 1, 2050 is 20,941,047 ZEC at current prices. Zcash currently is $346, ZEC’s market cap in 2050 is 346 x 20,941,047 = $7,245,602,262.

There is also an opportunity to compare the volatility of the two assets. The Bitcoin domination index is conveniently displayed on the header, and you can also find the “Vladimir Club” fee of a single coin – i.e. a 1% purchase fee of 1% of the total supply.

Onchainfx also extends many indicators such as “Price if BTC Supply Normalizes” – also known as Bitcoin Price Equivalence Index.

Coincodex has a similar model to CoinMarketCap but with a cleaner and cleaner interface. There are more interactive charts. For example, you can filter your results based on partial performance in the last 24 hours. This site also has lots of basic tutorials that are useful for beginners.

It’s also worth following the Cocodex Twitter channel. This channel regularly updates interesting news about the crypto market. As well as useful advice on many new altcoins. is the second largest cryptocurrency market tracking website after The difference between Cryptocompare is that cryptocurrency prices are updated in real time, everyone can see price increases and decreases right on the homepage without having to refresh the page.

Apart from that, Cryptocompare also provides information such as coin mining instructions, list of coin wallets, discussion forums.

BitInfoChart’s interface is also not very user friendly. But it is a very useful parts comparison site. This website shows the number of transactions sent and received by each coin, the average transaction value…

More data about block and wallet numbers, a list of wallets with major assets. BitInfoChart even tracks GitHub every coin project. See which coins are more active. From there you can track which parts actually make the project or don’t.

In particular, at BitInfoChart, you can follow a list of the richest bitcoin wallet addresses HERE.

Coinlore is a brand new coin tracking and market analysis site. Besides the usual features, the site has an ETH dominance index, similar to Bitcoin’s BTC dominance index.

Coinlore also has a section listing famous people in the crypto world and their related projects. There is also the type of location and year of operation of each cryptocurrency exchange.

The Coinratecap page offers many features such as 24 hour highs and lows of coin growth. This site also supports fiat and cryptocurrency converters. And ICO projects can also be listed on the Coinratecap page.

This is a crypto research platform, Coincheckup provides all the usual data. But add information about average daily ROI and weekly or monthly changes.

Coingecko is also very similar to the data model site CoinMarketCap, but adds some unique features. The ability to filter cryptocurrencies based on their hash algorithm is very useful for miners. You can read more about Koinecko HERE.

Coincap is another comparison site that is not much different from the CoinMarketCap model. The difference is that Shapeshift’s prices are updated in real-time. If you watched it for a while, you might find it a bit confusing. But for second-by-second accuracy, this data is a useful resource for traders.

Coinlib looks like any other generic cryptocurrency comparison site, but it has one cool feature. Coinlib’s comparison option compares up to four crypto assets side-by-side and adds easy-to-view charts.


WARNING: Investing in financial products involves a lot of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, please think carefully and check yourself before you decide to link to this website.

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