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Instructions on how to back up (backup) and restore (restore) wallet in case of an error.

The best way to protect your wallet is to remember the 12 passwords you received when you created the wallet. For an easier start after creating a wallet, follow these steps. :

After logging in to the wallet, go to the “Security Center” button in the upper left corner of the website. There are 3 steps for you here, please do Step 1 in order Confirm Email > Word Secure Group Backup > Generate Password Hint Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

In the Save Password Group section, you can print a PDF file here to save these passwords on paper. Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

You should memorize these 12 phrases and keep them in paper form, here Bitcoin Vietnam News advises you not to write them too carefully on a plain piece of paper lest they know what it is when someone picks it up. whatever, don’t post it on the internet, especially like Dropbox, MediaFire, Google Drive, F-Share…, or tell other people. Wallet Backup and Restore Guide
After completing these steps, proceed to Level 2. This level requires you to connect your mobile number and perform 2-Step Verification each time you register. This part is also easy. Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

This section requires 2-Step Verification, go to the Android/iOS App Store – search for a software called Google Authenticator, scan the QR code and insert the 6-digit verification code into the blockchain. Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

Level 3 isn’t that important if you’re just a casual user, so don’t bother with deep web

The next time you go to the blockchain screen to enter your password, note that if you can’t log in, there is a Show Options button. Here there are 3 options to get your bitcoins back, choose the 2nd line – return amount, enter 12 passwords as required and you can get your bitcoins back Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

Here I think is down, in this situation I will use a new wallet and re-enter 12 passwords to recover bitcoins, in this guide I will choose Mycelium wallet guys. You can download the wallet in the Android/iOS app store, I trust this wallet because it supports me with Trezor devices

Note that you can use other wallets like Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Cobo Wallet… to recover your wallet as long as there are 12 passwords.

Please select Restore from backup Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

Mycelium will then ask you to enter 12 secret phrases, writing them in order, leaving a space between each phrase. If you entered the amount correctly, Mycelium will show Next. Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

Thus, your bitcoins are transferred to the secure Mycelium wallet. Wallet Backup and Restore Guide

So, Bitcoin Vietnam News tells you how to backup and restore wallet successfully. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the fan page.


ALARM: Investing in financial products involves a lot of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, please think carefully and check yourself before making any decisions regarding the content referenced herein.

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