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Trang chủ » Blockchain is the solution to fighting exam fraud in Vietnam

Blockchain is the solution to fighting exam fraud in Vietnam

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Blockchain is the solution to fighting exam fraud in Vietnam

Blockchain is the solution to fighting exam fraud in Vietnam

According to Dr Tran Viet Hung, founder of Got It, Blockchain will solve two negative aspects of the exam cheating scandals in Ha Giang, Son La and Hoa Binh.

Tran Viet Hung, Founder of Got It, PhD in Computer Science, University of Iowa, USA, believes that blockchain technology has many properties to provide transparency and security in exams at a low cost. Low cost and easy implementation.

Blockchain is defined as a decentralized and secure data processing and storage technology based on a very complex cryptographic system. Blockchain technology has properties such as immutable, immutable, secure, transparent, suitable for application in high school exams.

Based on these characteristics, drg. Viet Hung offers a fairly comprehensive solution. According to him, blockchain technology can be used to create question banks, create exam questions, take exams, get results, evaluate grades and announce through smart contracts.

“We will have a large database of questions that will be filled by many people. These questions are categorized by difficulty and topic. The system will use the exam structure every year to select a combination of questions with the same difficulty level. Each candidate will take a different test. This is to prevent the examination questions from being exposed,” said dr. Viet Hung vs.

dr Tran Vietnamese Hung

Each question is assigned a blockchain code chain. During the exam process, steps such as taking the exam, submitting documents, grading the exam, and total score are coded and added to the final code sequence.

“Blockchain generates a code sequence for each exam question. When a question comes in, the candidate code is added to the code sequence above. So the code of supervisors, examiners, number of rooms, number of points, exam rooms, candidates… all of them are added to the code above,” said Dr. Vietnam Hanged.

Not only Ha Giang, other provinces such as Lang Son and Son La were also implicated in the alleged education scandal.

In addition, this repository of hundreds of thousands of questions helps students have a large source of data to analyze. At the same time, the difficulty level of the test is also determined by the percentage of correct answers in the student assessment process.

Despite the application of many technological factors, Dr. still results. Viet Hung that the final exam can be done completely on paper without a computer, because the QR code is scanned by a smartphone in the material.

Blockchain technology will not disappear until there is no global internet. Therefore, the risk of destroying or falsifying all test data is eliminated.

Candidates can use the test bench for verification.

In addition, according to dr. sure that no one can change the score because every change is recorded in the code string without the possibility of deleting it.

“In addition, BlockchainBlockchain also has full transparency. Anyone can test any process. So everyone can take part in the candidate testing process through the registration number and those who want to be negative must hesitate,” added Hung.

All system components are integrated through the use of tokens. Students can use tokens to practice questions generated from the question bank, teachers can create questions or browse questions submitted by others to be rewarded with tokens… This encourages everyone to be more active in creating a content ecosystem.


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