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How to mine Ethereum on a computer

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How to mine Ethereum on a computer

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

The value of Ethereum is increasing, so many investors buy and sell Ethereum, wait for the price to increase and then sell it again. However, other divisions are making money by investing in Ethereum mining equipment. It can be said that setting up an Ethereum miner is not easy. Therefore, in this article, Bitcoin Vietnam News will show you the fastest and easiest way to mine Ethereum from A to Z. Let’s find out together.



Ethereum mining process

First, remember that the Ethereum mining process consists of these 4 main steps:

Step 1 – Install the GPU and configure it on the computer.

Step 2 – Update Ethereum wallet

Step 3 – Join an Ethereum miner

Step 4 – Start Mining and Earn

Choose a GPU miner

  • Chip Name: The name of the chipset manufactured by Nvidia or AMD for each graphics card remains the same (eg RX 480), while the model name may differ.
  • Failure Rate: This is the graphics card’s ability to perform properly under ideal mining conditions. This can be achieved by overclocking or flashing the BIOS.
  • Power Capacity: This is the amount of power the card consumes while extracting, measured at the wall outlet.
  • Efficiency: Measured by dividing hashrate by energy consumption. New types of graphics cards are often better than their old ones for a while.

Graphics Card Type – The best GPU available today

AMD card

AMD RX470/570. series

  • Power: 80W – 200W
  • Hash Rate: 20-30Mh/s
  • VRAM: 4 and 8GB GDDR5

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Pros: This is the card with the highest energy available. With proper overclocking, overclocking and memory decompression techniques this version of the card is enough to run at 70-80W while still being able to push well over 30Mh/s.

Cons: Not great for most other algorithms. So if you want to mine altcoins other than ETH, this is not for you or it won’t be relevant when Ethereum switches to proof of stake.

AMDRX480/580. series

  • Power: 100W – 250W
  • Hash Rate: 20-30Mh/s
  • VRAM: 4 and 8GB GDDR5

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Pros: This is a higher version of the RX 470/570 series. It has nearly precise hashing but consumes more power and is also better at some of the other algorithms which can mine more altcoins than ether.

Cons: These share basically the same drawbacks as the RX 470/570 series but have a slight advantage in using more algorithms. So if something happens to Ethereum mining, you can still mine other coins like Zcash and Monero.

AMD Radeon RX Vega series

  • Power: 150W – 250W
  • Hash Rate: 30-45Mh/s
  • VRAM: 8GB HBM2

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

These are AMD’s latest series of products, including the RX Vega 56 and RX Vega 64, both of which have 8GB of RAM and high mining performance and energy efficiency. The biggest advantage of this type is that you can more easily resell it because it is the latest generation. AMD Radeon RX Vega also works great for other algorithms like Monero and Zcash mining.

Cons: It’s quite expensive, so it may take longer to break even and it’s worth it compared to the older RX series. This series of graphics cards also runs slightly hotter than previous generations.

Nvidia card


  • Power: 60W – 150W
  • Hash Rate: 18-25Mh/s
  • VRAM: 3/6GB GDDR5

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Pros: If you’re eyeing Nvidia, this is the basic GPU card you’ll be looking at. It is relatively inexpensive and mining with Ethash’s algorithm is very efficient.

It also doesn’t face performance drops as DAG increases. The GTX 1060 is available in 3GB and 6GB configurations, although it doesn’t make a huge difference in mining hash performance, the 3GB card is not compatible with Ethereum mining at the moment. So if you want to mine Ethereum you will probably get the 6GB version. This Ethereum mining graphics card is also very efficient at mining Zcash and has very low power consumption.

Cons: Relatively low Mh/s mining density per motherboard compared to other series.


  • Power: 150W – 225W
  • Hash rate: 25 – 32 Mh/s

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Pros: This type of graphics card is not only ideal for mining Ethereum, it can also mine Zcash and many other cryptocurrencies. The advantage is that the performance does not affect Ethereum mining, there are many other options.

Cons: If you think the price is good, feel free to own and access your computing device.


  • Power Consumption: 150W-250W
  • Hash Rate: 35-40Mh/s
  • VRAM: 11GB GDDR5

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Step by step guide to setting up an Ethereum miner

For the purposes of this article, I will walk you through using the 64-bit version of Windows 10 (Linux is also available but not mentioned here). Windows is the easiest way to configure, set up and run the fastest miner, Mac version is not currently supported. The whole process of setting up your wallet, uploading your miner, setting things up in Windows and running your files will take less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Install the driver

AMD GPU: Go to and select Drivers & Support. Enter your GPU information as follows:

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Nvidia GPUs: Visit for the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers. Enter your card information and click START SEARCH. Download the display driver version from the results.

Then install your GPU driver. If there is no warning sign in Device Manager, then you have successfully installed it.

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Step 2: Enter the Ethereum wallet address

You can easily get an Ethereum wallet address on TrustWallet. The steps for registering and setting up a wallet to get an address are so simple that we won’t cover them in this article. You can read our Trust Wallet review HERE.

Step 3: Download the Ethereum Mining SOFTWARE

A very popular Ethereum mining software right now is called Claymore Miner. You can find the download link on Claymore’s Bitcointalk page at:

Note that Windows may give you a warning while downloading, but you can ignore it. Once downloaded, unzip the folder and access it.

Step 4: Install Windows

On Windows, a few settings need to be changed to prepare your computer for Ethereum mining:

  • Disable computer sleep mode and disable Windows update as this will delay the extraction process.
  • Edit your system page file and manually set it to 16384 MB (currently 16 GB).

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

  • If you are running Windows Defender or another antivirus program, add an exception so that the Claymore miner does not receive a warning. Verify that the EthcrcrMiner64.exe entry is still safe to run.

Step 5: Join a mining pool

The next step is to create a mining pool. Nanopool or Ethereum are many of the recommended options. There are instructions on the homepage or help on how to mine your pool with the popular Claymore Miner.

We will use etheramine as an example. Right on the homepage you will find a section called Stratum mode with Claymores Miner.

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

Open the Claymore Miner folder on your desktop, right-click on the text file called “Start” and select “Edit”. Go to the Ethermine page, highlight and copy all the text in the first box under the words “After you start your miners by…” as shown below:

Do you understand:






EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal . -epswx

In:; your_ethereum_address; RigName are the 3 elements you need to fill in.

  • Right below the “Choose from…” line. You choose the server address. Depending on your location, connect to the server closest to you. We chose Asia (Asia):
  • Your_Ethereum_Address: Enter your Ethereum wallet address
  • RigName: Default is “MiningRig1”

In the end you have:






EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal <0x46064Df3e898488B19bC985A0973be51698bD6bb> . -epswx

Save the file as a batch file with a “.bat” extension by selecting File / Save As, giving it a name and adding the .bat extension at the end.

Happy! You now have a batch file ready to go!

Step 6: Start mining

Double click on the bat file saved above to start the extraction. The ETH miner starts up, runs the setx command to set environment variables, starts up each of your GPUs, creates a DAG file on each of your GPUs, and starts hashing. Let it run for about 20 seconds, then click the “s” to see your hash rate.

To track your pool earnings, return to and paste your wallet address in the address window above. Click the “Check Status” button:

How to mine Ethereum on a computer

The setup process for Ethereum miners is now complete.


Above, Bitcoin Vietnam News has provided you with basic knowledge on how to set up an Ethereum miner on your computer in the fastest and most efficient way. I hope you find this sharing useful.


ALARM: Investing in financial products involves a lot of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, please think carefully and check yourself before making any decisions regarding the content referenced herein.

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