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Instructions for creating a Telegram bot

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Instructions for creating a Telegram bot

Instructions for creating a Telegram bot

How to create a bot on Telegram? This is very easy. In today’s article, Bitcoin Vietnam News will show you the easiest way to create a Telegram Bot.

Step 1: First you need to create your own Telegram account. You can read instructions from Bitcoin Vietnam News on how to sign up for Telegram.

2nd step: In the chat window, enter search bot named @BotFather

Instructions for creating a Telegram bot
Step 3: Select /start bot and you will get the following command line:

How to make bots on Telegram 2

I can help you create and manage Telegram bots. If you are new to API Bot, please read the manual.

You can control me by sending this command:

/newbot – creates a new bot

/mybots – Edit your bots [beta]

edit bots

/setname – change the bot name

/setdescription – Changes the bot description

/setabouttext – Changes the bot’s what information

/setuserpic – Changes the bot’s profile picture

/setcommands – changes the list of commands

/deletebot – removes the bot

robot settings

/token – Generates the authorization token

/revoke – Revoke the bot’s access token

/setinline – switches to online mode

/setinlinegeo – Toggle online location requests

/setinlinefeedback – Changes the online feedback settings

/setjoingroups – can your bots be added to groups?

/setprivacy – toggles the privacy mode within the group


/mygames – Edit your game [beta]

/newgame – create a new game

/listgames – Get a list of your games

/editgame – edit games

/deletegame – delete an existing game

Step 4: Click /newbot and choose a name for the bot. Once named, your bot is ready to use and will receive an API token. The API token is the key that allows your bot to communicate with the Telegram system. If you provide a token you can talk to @BotFather and issue a /revoke command to issue a new token for your bot.

Step 5: You can modify your bot from the command line:

  • /setdescription – set the description
  • /setabouttext – Sets bot information
  • /setuserpic – set the avatar
  • /setcommands – sets the command line for the bot
  • /deletebot – Delete bots


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