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Trang chủ » List of Proof of Stake (PoS) coins and passive investment trends

List of Proof of Stake (PoS) coins and passive investment trends

List of Proof of Stake (PoS) coins and passive investment trends

List of Proof of Stake (PoS) coins and passive investment trends

Ethereum will soon switch from Proof of Work (POW) to Proof of Stake (POS). EOS is in the form of POS, ONT, NEO, IOTA and later ADA will also choose POS as a solution.
Thus, it can be seen that Proof of Stake (POS) is a passive investment trend in 2019. This article tells you a list of Proof of Stake coins. If you are not familiar with Proof of Stake, you can read about what Proof of Stake is here:

In other words, POS is a specification system in which a cryptocurrency blockchain network creates and distributes new blocks via consensus. Instead of mining with tools and computing power focused on solving complex algorithms like POW, “miners” POS by creating and distributing consensus within their systems.

In other words, the more coins concentrated in one place, the more coins will be generated after a certain time.



How to invest Proof of Stake coin

How to invest in Altcoin Proof of Stake is very simple, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Buy a POS Altcoin or maybe a cheap POS as a gift
  2. Deposit to masternode, supernode or online wallet to increase coin supply
  3. Wait for the market to rise and let the altcoins reach their ideal price
  4. Offload all coins to Masternode and Supernode or online wallet to secure earnings

List of possible stake verification documents

  • AceCoin (ACES)
  • AceCoin (AEC)
  • Aegis (AGS)
  • AeroCoin (AERO)
  • Algo. Land (PLM)
  • All safe (ASAFE)
  • Ammo Rewards (AMMO)
  • ArchCoin (ARCH)
  • Enthusiasm (ARDR)
  • Asian Coin (AC)
  • Atmos (ATM)
  • Avatar Coins (AV)
  • Avon Coin (ACN)
  • Battle Coin (BCX)
  • War Bet (BSTK)
  • BigUp (BIGUP)
  • BitBay
  • BitCurrency (BTCR)
  • BitLuckCoin (BTLC)
  • BitMoon (BM)
  • BitOKX
  • BitVegan (VEG)
  • BitVolts (VOLTs)
  • BitcoinTX (BTX*)
  • BitluckCoin (BTCL)
  • bitradio (BRO)
  • Bit Shares (BTS)
  • Mint Bitz (BITZ)
  • Black Coin (BLACK)
  • Black Star (BSTAR)
  • BlitzCoin (BLITZ)
  • Boat and dog (BNB*)
  • BonesCoin (BON*)
  • CAIx (CAIx)
  • cabbage unit (CAB)
  • Dreadlocks (ADA)
  • CheckCoin (CXC)
  • Coin click (CLICK)
  • Coffee Coins (CFC)
  • Currency to the Future (BTTF)
  • ColossusCoinXT (COLX)
  • Cool Coins (COOL)
  • CoralPay (CORAL)
  • CraigsCoin (CRAIG)
  • Creation (XCRE)
  • Crowdwiz (WIZ)
  • Crypto (XCR)
  • Crypto Circuits (CIRC)
  • CryptoJournal (CJC)
  • CryptoPennies (CRPS)
  • Crypto Currency (CYT)
  • CybCSec Coin (XCS)
  • Dash (DASH) – Masternode with 7.7% interest. Those who staked on Dash in the first place almost became dollar millionaires.
  • Deoxyribose (XNA)
  • Eligible (DCT)
  • Delta Credit (DCRE)
  • Numbers (DIGS)
  • DigiCube (CUBE)
  • Digital Gold Bar (DBG)
  • Coin Draft (DFT)
  • Dropcoin (DRC)
  • EOS (super rich coin, super shark)
  • EGOcoin (EGO)
  • Ebitz (EBZ)
  • EbolaShare (EBS)
  • Exclusive discount (EXCL)
  • Extreme Sports Betting (XSB)
  • Coin Faucet (DROP)
  • FazzCoin (FAZZ)
  • FindCoin (FIND)
  • FlyCoin (VOL)
  • A Piece of Forever (XFC)
  • FreeCoins
  • Fuel2Coin (FC2)
  • Future Points (FTP)
  • GAIA Platforms (GAIA)
  • GPU (GPU) section
  • GameBetCoin (GBT)
  • Global (GLOBE)
  • Global Reserve Currency (GCR)
  • GlowShares (GSX)
  • Gorilla Bucks (BUCKS*)
  • GrexitCoin (GREXIT)
  • Growth Coin (GRW)
  • Healthy worms (WORMs)
  • HeelCoin (HEEL)
  • HiCoin (XHI)
  • horizon (Hz)
  • Iconic (ICON)
  • Additional (INC)
  • Invisible Coin (IVZ)
  • Ionomi (ION)
  • CryptoCoin (CEC)
  • LePenCoin (LEPEN)
  • let it roll (LIR)
  • Limited Discount (LTD)
  • LuckyBlocks (LUCK) (LUCK)
  • Lutetium Coin (LC)
  • Macron Coin (MCRN)
  • MaieuutiCoin (MMXIV)
  • MapCoin (MAPC)
  • Teacher (MM)
  • MintCoin (MINT)
  • Mojocoin (MOJO)
  • MudraCoin (MUDRA)
  • Nas2Coin (NAS2)
  • Nautilus Coin (NAUT)
  • Navicoin (NAV)
  • Nebuchadnezzar (NEBU)
  • NEO (NEO) formerly Antshares,
  • NeoCoin (NEOS)
  • New Coin (NEW)
  • Neurocoins (NRC)
  • NewInvestCoin (NIC)
  • NoLimitCoin (NLC2)
  • Nocoins (NOO)
  • NuBits (NBT)
  • NuShares (NSR)
  • NukeCoin (NUKE)
  • Obsidian (ODN)
  • The profit for OkCash (OK) is 10% but this coin deposit is very bad. Staking is not recommended.
  • OldSafeCoin (OLDSF)
  • OmiseGo (OMG)
  • ONT (ontology) => highly visible. The resulting coin is ONG.
  • Pair (XPO)
  • OptionCoin (OPTIONS)
  • PSICoin (PSI)
  • Panda Coin (PND)
  • PayCoins (XPY)
  • Persistent Information Exchange (PIE)
  • sentence (PHR)
  • PIVX (PIVX) – 4.8% Annual Return. That’s also true. good currency. You have to bet for a long time whether you can buy at the right price.
  • PokeChain (XPOKE)
  • PostCoin (POST)
  • Power Ledger (POWR)
  • Main Chain (PRIME)
  • Prize (PZM)
  • Pro Currency (PROC)
  • Credit (PULSE)
  • PureVidz (VIDZ)
  • QoraCoin (QORA)
  • Quantum Hold Register (QRL)
  • RadicalCoin (RADI)
  • Radium (RADS)
  • RadonPay (RDN)
  • ratio (RATIO)
  • Red Pulse (RPX) – NEO style, 5% annual return.
  • RenoCoin (RNS)
  • Continue Shares (RMS)
  • Return Coin (RNC)
  • Get in my car (DRIVE)
  • rise up)
  • RoyalCoin (ROYAL)
  • Kingdom Coin 2.0 (RYCN)
  • Rubies (RBIES)
  • Ruby Coins (RBY)
  • SAR Coin (SAR)
  • Selenium coin (SEL)
  • ShortyCoin (SHORT)
  • Signature (SIGT)
  • SkullBuzz (SKB)
  • Species (SPX)
  • Spectrum (XSPEC)
  • SportsCoin (SPORTS)
  • Squall Coin (SQL)
  • Stakecoins (STCN)
  • Stakes (STA*)
  • Stakerush (STHR)
  • Steampunk (PNK)
  • Stages (STAGE)
  • Sterling Coin (SLG)
  • StojCoin (SJCX)
  • Stratis (STRAT) – The oldest coin in play 0.5-1% annual returns, negligible.
  • Subscriptions (AB*)
  • UP Team (TIM)
  • Vegan Initiative (XVE)
  • Garbage Burning (TBCX)
  • TrickyCoin (TRICK)
  • TrumpCoin (TRUMP)
  • Turon (TUR)
  • UPCoin (XUP)
  • Ubicoin (UBIQ)
  • coin
  • Highest Secured Cash (USC)
  • Universe (UNI)
  • VCash (XVC)
  • Versa Token (VERSA)
  • Viral Currency (VIRAL)
  • WM Coin (WMC)
  • Wanchain (WAN)
  • WarpCoin (WARP)
  • WayCoin (WEG)
  • WealthCoins (RICH)
  • Wexcoins (WEX)
  • Blink)
  • XDEII (XDE2)
  • YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI)
  • ZeitCoin (TIME)
  • Zennies (ZENI)


Well, through this article, I have shared information with you about the trend of investing in potential altcoins. I hope the list of Proof of Stake (POS) coins above will help you decide. This is the new passive investment trend for 2019.


WARNING: Investing in financial products involves a lot of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, please think carefully and check yourself before making any decisions regarding the content referenced herein.

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