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Reasons to use Solana wallet over Coin98 wallet

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Reasons to use Solana wallet over Coin98 wallet

Reasons to use Solana wallet over Coin98 wallet

Coin98 Wallet is currently the most popular non-custodial wallet due to the many great features of the wallet as well as the fast processing speed of all tasks. Shortly after Coin98 Wallet integrated Solana Blockchain, users can store and trade SPL tokens directly on Coin98 Wallet and experience DApps on mobile apps.



Benefits of the Solana ecosystem

The Solana ecosystem thrives because of these unique benefits.

Reasons why we use Solana in Coin98 Wallet 1

processing speed

Solana ecosystem with processing speeds of up to 65,000 TPS and 400 ms block times without deploying complex scaling solutions like sharding or layer 2.

Low transaction fees

Transaction fees in the Solana ecosystem are very low, each transaction costs only 0.000005 SOL with the SOL price at the time of writing being $137, the fee is only $0.000686 for a single transaction.

Realizing the development potential of this ecosystem, Coin98 wallet supports Solana from the start to provide users with various options to experience transaction fees, processing speed, and decentralized application experience. Other media are developed at Solana.

Reasons to use Solana wallet over Coin98 wallet

but due to using Solana on Coin98 Wallet 3

Create portfolios and manage assets with ease

Unlike other blockchains, SOL wallet and SPL wallet have very different wallet addresses. For a better understanding, you can see the following comparison example:

If you have BEP20 tokens you can use BSC wallet to store all those tokens or you can use ETH wallet to store all ERC20 coins. Then in the Solana blockchain the SOL wallet address and the SPL token wallet are different.

Everything becomes easier with Coin98 Wallet. Specifically, you only need to create a unique SOL wallet address to store, send and receive all SPL tokens on the market. In terms of getting and launching an SPL wallet, Coin98 Wallet will do it for you automatically, without requiring you to have a SOL balance greater than 0.

After the update, the Coin98 wallet has changed in the market and it also makes it easier for you to manage assets, avoiding sending wrong SPL addresses resulting in unexpected loss of assets.

Trade SOL and SPL tokens on the Coin98 wallet

Coin98 Wallet integrates a dedicated Coin98 Exchange for the Solana system, enabling users to trade SPL tokens directly in the wallet. You can easily buy tokens in the Solana ecosystem by going to the Coin98 wallet, then clicking on the token name and trading directly on the Coin98 wallet.

Service :

  • Just enter the name of the token and exchange it.
  • Coin98 Exchange liquidity pool comes from major Solana System DEX platforms like Serum, Raydium, Orca.
  • Fast, compact, easy to use, eliminating unnecessary operations.

but why use solana in coin98 wallet?

Support for converting ERC20 tokens to SPL tokens

As well as integrating token transactions directly into the wallet, Coin98 Wallet also integrates a cross-chain bridge with many other bridges, including a direct conversion port between ERC20 and SPL.

You don’t need to send tokens to the exchange to withdraw in the desired token standard, everything can be done right in the wallet, the waiting time is only about 2 minutes.

but why use solana in coin98 wallet?

Use Dapp directly on Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet that supports DApps built on top of the Solana ecosystem. You can easily use various DApps from trading, farming, staking, or joining an IDO by directly accessing the DApp Coin98 Wallet browser.

Some of the best Solana DApps are: Raydium, Dexlab, Saber, OpenOcean, Parrot Finance, Bonfida, Larix, Port Finance, Solster, Solfarm, Francium, Sunny, Lido Staking,…

Reasons why we use Solana in Coin98 Wallet 1

Solana dedicated support

In the version of Coin98 Mobile Wallet V10.2, the Coin98 Wallet team chose the Solana system to help you experience DeFi easier and smoother with the following features:

Remove wSOL from SOL

After participating in farming on the Solana platform like Saber, Sunny got SOL status when she accidentally pulled out her wallet in an unclear state (wSOL). This feature allows you to convert wSOL to SOL right in your wallet after clicking to confirm the conversion.

The unboxing feature is now available Coin98 extension wallet and Coin98 mobile wallet.

but the reason is using Solana on Coin98 Wallet 2

Replace Solana wallet with new default wallet and migrate SPL token

Due to the different operating characteristics of Solana wallets, when sending SPL tokens to SOL wallets, the system will automatically create multiple SPL wallets to store one token, resulting in your assets being accidentally lost. some places

Coin98 Wallet’s Solana wallet migration feature is a solution that allows users to convert the old standard Solana wallet address to a new standard that supports sending and receiving SOL to the same Solana wallet address.

At the same time, the Solana wallet migration feature also helps you collect scattered SPL tokens from multiple SPL wallets into one SPL wallet address.

but why use solana in coin98 wallet?


From the article above, you also know the many unique features supported by the Coin98 wallet for the Solana ecosystem, so you can easily interact with tokens developed in the Solana ecosystem. in the simplest way.


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