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The leading auditing (audit) company in the crypto market

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The leading auditing (audit) company in the crypto market

The leading auditing (audit) company in the crypto market



What are audits?

Audit is the work of checking the project’s security vulnerabilities, reviewing the code in the product to ensure that the product avoids the risk of hacking, code errors, etc. when using it.

During the audit we can see that the project has invested and developed its product. At the same time, it also minimizes the risk of the project being hacked or using bugs, affecting the project’s symbolic price. Also, projects that are verified by trusted companies tend to be a big plus when choosing project tokens to invest in.

The Best Crypto Audit Company

quantum stamp

Quantstamp is a blockchain security company that debuted in the YCombinator batch W18. The Quantstamp team has extensive experience having previously worked in information technology (IT) companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

Quantstamp has developed a decentralized secure network for verifying smart contracts. This solution enables users to automatically execute and verify the security of smart contracts on a global network of decentralized security nodes.

Additionally, the platform offers security assessments for customers’ blockchain projects and 24/7 security monitoring software tools.


Certik is a security company that develops the use of sophisticated official verification technology in collaboration with several cybersecurity experts to create the best service.

On its website, Certik claims to have tested more than 188,000 lines of code and acquired assets worth more than $6.32 billion. The team proposes to mathematically validate the security of smart contracts.

That is why Certik Chain was developed, a public technology dedicated to using the official Certik Verification platform to secure decentralized projects. Certik is an official partner of Binance and is backed by major investors such as Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners and DHVC.


Hacken is a security company that assists customers in providing secure services. Includes blockchain security advice, web/mobile testing, bug bounty program verification, crypto exchange reviews and many other services.

While Hacken offers a wide range of services targeting blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses, the Hacken ecosystem includes security products that are ideal for general IT businesses. The company has built a commendable reputation for assessing security risks for organizations that need a digital environment to create or enable services for their customers.

Hacking has provided security services for non-blockchain giants such as Air Asia. Moreover, Hacken has demonstrated its commitment to blockchain technology by sponsoring and inviting security professionals from around the world to attend network meetings.

Hacken developed the HackenAI security platform to protect users from security risks and account compromises. Key features such as dark web monitoring instantly warn users of compromised passwords and possible dark web attacks. HackenAI is available on Android and Iphone devices.

little trail

Trail of Bits is a network of developers who can identify and fix vulnerabilities in code, software and devices. In short, Trail of Bits provides software security service solutions including smart contract verification, blockchain security research, software development and more. Powerful security tool for smart contracts. Some of these blockchain-centric solutions are Crytic, Slither, and Echidna.

Apart from that, Trail of Bits extends the popular AlgoVPN. Trail of Bits also has many security posts on GitHub, including public reports for 0x Protocol, Compound, NuCypher, and MakerDAO.

Open Zeppelins

OpenZeppelin is a security company known for developing a Solidity library called OpenZeppelin Contracts. This library serves as a standard for testing contracts that can be enforced by decentralized applications. Developers can integrate this solution through the native OpenZeppelin SDK. In addition to developing OpenZeppelin contracts, the company has a strong focus on smart contract auditing and security services.

Additionally, OpenZeppelin is one of the teams reinventing blockchain security by introducing elements that help identify vulnerabilities in early smart contracts. Another OpenZeppelin product called Ethernaut is the Web3/Solidity wargame which requires players to hack smart contracts to level up.


ConsenSys is the largest and most well-known blockchain incubator in the industry based in the US. Unlike other security companies, ConsenSys devotes resources and technological know-how to the development of Ethereum blockchain software and applications, especially financial infrastructure.

For example, ConsenSys product Diligence offers security analysis for smart contracts. The products of this exam are advanced cryptography, blockchain technology, and analysis of economic incentives.

Other products like MythX are one of the most powerful auto-scanners for Ethereum smart contracts. This solution provides a sophisticated API that developers can use to access security analysis tools.

lowest authority

LeastAuthority is a privacy-conscious cybersecurity consulting firm. The company offers personal hosting solutions. Currently, the platform offers two main products for users.

  • Privatestorage (formerly S4) is a centralized system that provides storage infrastructure to end users and gives them autonomy in collecting, processing and distributing their personal data. .
  • Tahoe LAFS enables decentralized, distributed, and fault-tolerant storage setups.

LeastAuthority not only offers a different storage architecture, but also publishes a security report for Ethereum, Tezos. LeastAuthority works closely with developers during the development phase to ensure their projects are not vulnerable to security threats.

PWC Switzerland (formerly Chainsecurity)

PWC Switzerland is a security company that helps develop security solutions for the blockchain technology profession. PWC Switzerland has developed several security tools, including Securify and VerX.

PWC Switzerland advises blockchain projects from the exploration phase to the post implementation phase. The platform evaluates smart contract designs, tests them for eligibility, and tracks detailed post-placement performance metrics. It excels at combining automated scanning tools and the expertise of security experts to identify and eliminate potential threats.

slow mist

Slowmist is China’s leader in blockchain security. The company offers comprehensive blockchain security services including smart contract testing, blockchain security testing, and wallet security testing.

Slowmist also owns a secure blockchain ecosystem staking project that provides real-time data on the growth and security patterns of EOS, Cosmos, Vechain, and other leading blockchain projects. Another interesting detail of the platform is a powerful firewall project for EOS Smart Contracts called FireWall.X.

Slowmist continuously monitors and publishes data and statistics on the security posture of cryptocurrency exchanges through its Blockchain Threat Intelligence (BTI) service.

proof of execution

Runtime Verification is a research and development company dedicated to formal verification. The solution creates a common pattern for high-value applications and uses it as a template for developing security-first products.

Runtime Verification has developed two major smart contract security products. On the one hand, it provides proof-of-contract smart contracts using the K framework to demonstrate the feasibility of smart contracts on the Ethereum and Cardano networks. On the other hand, Firefly is a test coverage analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts.

Additionally, Runtime Verification collaborated with the Ethereum Foundation to develop a formal framework to test Ethereum 2.0.


WARNING: Investing in financial products involves a lot of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, please think carefully and check yourself before you decide to link to this website.

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